Abdominal Retractor

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Area of the body
abdominal, rectal, breast, sternal
Application domain
surgery, universal
Other characteristics
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Surgery retractor system
The retractor system operates manually with self-locking functions. The system applies to separate tissues or anatomical structures to increase exposure of internal tissues or organs in surgical field. The retractor equipped with various heads such as blunt, sharp, fenestral shape and so on.

Model Number: WZRR-A-A-H
After-sale Service:Return and Replacement
Quality Certification: CE ISO13485
Safety standard: EN 149 -2001+A1-2009

Application departments

For colorectal procedures
general surgery/head and neck

1.Anal fiistula repair
2.rectovaginal fistula repair
3.Perineal Protectomy
5.LAR/Colo-anal anastomosis
6.Hirschsprung’s Procedures
7.Total proctocolectomy ileal pouch anal anastomosis/mucosectomy

Applications:Surgery retractor system is used to remove tissue during surgery to reveal surgical vision.

Product details
1.Easy to use:
Only three steps to setup: place the retractor ring at the right position-pull,the tissue outwards by retractor’s hooks- fix retractors on the ring.
2.Flexibility in retraction and exposure:
According to different surgery demands to select retractors and adjust their position to optimize the exposure of surgical field.
3.Light weight with high strength:
The retractor ring is made of innovative polymer materials with light weight,high strength and effectively reduces the pressure on incision site.

Company Name: Microcure Medical

Model: WZRR-A-D

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