Abdominal Retractor

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Area of the body
abdominal, vaginal, spinal, rectal
Application domain
surgery, gynecology
Other characteristics
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● Place the retractor ring around the surgical site which is the center of the retractor ring. Place the first hook into tissue, pull to the desired tension and place in one of the slots on the retractor ring.
● Repeat with a hook directly opposite to the first so that the self retaining retractor is equally forced.
● Complete the cooperation by stitching up the tissue. Maintain constant, opposing tension of stays while suturing.

Intended Use
The self retaining retractor is used to retract soft tissues to expose the surgical field during gynecology surgery, general surgery, head and neck surgeries, and colon/rectal surgeries.

● The retractor is intended to be used by medical staff.
● Please read the instructions carefully before use.
● The retractor is disposable.
● The retractor is sterilized by EO.
● It is strictly forbidden to use the retractor when the package is damaged.
● It is recommended that the retractor be used with FAVITOR® hooks.

Company Name: Chamfond Biotech

Model: C series

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