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Schink Dermatome is a dermal instrument also known as a skin grafting knife. Schink Dermatome is used to slice thin portions of skin from one part of the body to be used in grafting another, injured part of the body. Severe burns and similar traumas are what commonly warrants the use of Schink Dermatome.

DERMATOMES / SKIN GRAFT KNIVES: At Medicta Instruments Online Plastic Surgery Store we are Providing all types of Plastic surgery Instruments, Surgical Instruments, skin grafting instruments. A Skin Graft Dermatome is a surgical instrument used to produce thin slices of skin from a donor area, Medicta Instruments Online Plastic Surgery Store is Providing all types of Surgical Dermatomes/ Dermatomes knifes, Such as: Humby Skin graft Knife or Humby Dermatome, Watson Skin Graft Knife or Watson Dermatome, Silver Skin Graft Knife or Silver Dermatome, Schink Fixing Plate, Schink Dermatome and Skin Graft Disposable Blades.

Company Name: Medicta Instruments

Model: Humby Skin Graft Dermatome

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