Argon Plasma Electrosurgical Unit

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For many years the argon plasma technology has been very successfully applied in medicine. The efforts to improve it have led to the development of new solutions in plastic surgery. As a biologically inert noble gas, argon is safe for the human body. Its properties ensure temperature stability. During the coagulation of soft tissues, argon plasma minimises the risk of carbonisation and, as a result of this, procedures are safe and controlled. Due to these advantages, plastic surgeons have opened a new chapter in their field – the application of argon plasma in procedures in plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery after
• liposuction procedures
• bariatric operations
• loss of body weight
• pregnancy

Breast surgery
• breast reconstruction
• breast reduction
• breast augmentation

Advantages of the technology

energy enables selective impact at the least resistant tissues – the other structures remain intact
• spectacular and lasting effect of the procedure
• safety, efficacy and repeatability of the process
• high level of precision and control of the thermal effect
•uninterrupted operation even for long and frequent activations
• the properties of argon ensure effective cooling of the operative field

•minimisation of the risk of tissue carbonisation and smoke generation
•constant minimum depth of the thermal effect – the limited depth where tissues are destroyed
•accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues and a shorter period of post-operative convalescence

What makes our device different?

competitive price compared with a helium plasma device
• much lower operating costs compared with a helium plasma device

Company Name: Emed

Model: Argo

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