Autopsy Surgical Knife

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Today, you can get reliable German surgical instruments and turnkey solutions. Our recommended readymade surgical sets for reusable surgical instruments are a result of our long term experiences and market feedback.

General surgical instruments include operating scissors, scalpels and knifes, Trocars and puncture needles, towel forceps, diagnostic instruments, anesthesia instruments, thumb and tissue forceps, microsurgical forceps, hemostatic forceps, retractor, probes, directors and spatulas, ligature needles, needle holders, sterilization instruments, sponge forceps, haloware SS, tubing clamp, dressing forceps, tungsten carpid instruments as well as sterilization containers and sterilization accessories

Best quality materilas and stainlessteel materials are used to develop the best combination only for best surgeons.

Company Name: Aiim

Model: BI-9610-25

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