Battery Operated Surgical Suction Pump

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for minor surgery

24 l/min (6.34 us gal/min)


Min.: 100 kW (135.96 hp)

Max.: 240 kW (326.31 hp)


760 mbar (11.02 psi)

Suction jar capacity

600 ml (20.3 US fl oz)

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Suction device, 24 L

Suction device for domestic and hospital use for patients with normal levels of secretion production
The optical appearance, which appeals to children, reduces dislikes / fears associated with inhalation
The electric swing-piston pump provides a suction power of 24 l/min and a maximum vacuum of up to 0.76 bar
Including secretion container with a capacity of 600 ml
Bacterial filter – prevents microorganisms and secretions from penetrating into the device
Air filter – prevents microorganisms and secretions from being blown out of the device, and thus serves to protect the users
The TRACHEOPORT JUNIOR® suction device is supplied with a suitable storage bag (backpack) in addition to the complete set of accessories (consisting of power supply unit, secretion container, bacterial filter, air filters,suction tube, incl. clip, fingertip & car adapter)
The device can be charged or operated with either the battery charger or the car charging cable
The battery is fully charged in approx. 4 hours, operating time of battery approx. 60 minutes continous operation
When the battery charger or the car charging cable is connected, the full suction power is available, even if the battery is empty
Suction catheters have to be ordered seperately

1x TRACHEOPORT® JUNIOR incl. secretion container with lid (600 ml)
1x Bacterial filter
2x Connecting tubes for bacterial filter
5x Air filter
1x Suction tube, approx 1.80 m long (incl. clip)
1x Fingertip
1x Battery charger / 2-pole (100-240 V~ 50-60 HZ)
1x Mains connection (2-pole 230V)
1x 12V car adapter
1x Transport case

Company Name: Fahl Medizintechnik Vertrieb


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