Bipolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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bipolar cutting, saline cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation, vessel-sealing
Medical procedure
laparoscopic surgery
Cutting power

240 W, 400 W

Coagulating power

100 W, 150 W


357 kHz

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A family of four models with maximal power of 200, 250, 300 and 400 Watts suitable for every surgical practice. They perform well in wet environment. A good choice for laparoscopic procedures. Exceptionally soft and powerful bipolar coagulation capable of vessel sealing. hARTT 400 is capable of performing excellent bipolar cutting in saline environment useful in TURP, arthroscopy, etc. All monopolar and bipolar accessories (vessel sealing clamp is optional) are included.

The units are built around the proprietary hARTT (Hardware Adjusted Response to Tissue Type) technology. This technology relies on a large number of specific load curves build into each model. Each load curve has unique tissue response characteristics. In addition, these characteristics are controlled only by hardware which makes the units extremely reliable.

The electrosurgical unit hARTT 400 is the newest representative of the hARTT family, designed and produced by KENTAMED Ltd. Besides its raised maximal power, the new hARTT 400 puts special accent on bipolar cutting and coagulation in wet environment (SALINE).

Arthroscopy KENTAMED hARTT 400 is the perfect choice for arthroscopic surgery. It certainly provides excellent performance when used for monopolar arthroscopy but the bipolar application is where this model really shines. With the special set of accessories provided by our partners, hARTT 400 can execute arthroscopic textbook cutting, coagulation and vaporization in saline.

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