Bone Curette

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Designed with a 5/16″ diameter shaft allowing better visualization into the medullar canal during use. The contoured handle is designed to keep the curette from slipping in the surgeon’s hand and for better control. Shaft length 10-1/2″.
The Angled Large Curette is designed for use in the acetabulum or exposed bone. The shaft diameter is 5/16″ and has a contoured handle. Shaft length 10-1/2″.

Product No’s:
5160 [Set of 1 each including Case]
Overall Length: 15″ • Handle Length: 4.5″
5160-01 [Angled Small]
5160-02 [Straight Small]
5160-03 [Angled Medium]
5160-04 [Angled Large]
5160-05 [Straight Medium]
9004 [Strage Case]

Company Name: Innomed

Model: 5160

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