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Attaches to MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps or to the side rails of the OR table to provide a sturdy platform for retraction and a ready support or hand rest for the surgeon

Affix the Skull Clamp to the patient so that application of the Budde® Halo can be accommodated. Position and drape the patient in the usual manner. From this point, the sterile field is created and the entire assembly should be completed while maintaining sterile technique. Note: Photos are shown for display purposes, without a sterile drape.

Attachment of Support Brackets
•Attach the Support Brackets over the sterile drape. Support Brackets can be attached either inside or around the uprights of the Mayfield® Skull Clamp. Position Support Brackets as high as possible to help ensure stability.
•Brackets should point outward with locking ring nut parallel to floor. Center the compression ball within the locking ring nut.

Preparation of the Halo and Support Rods
•Before attaching the Support Rods, assemble the Halo by threading the two components together.
•The Halo should be placed on the prep table with the Support Rods facing upwards.
•Attach both Support Rods into the Halo and keep loose enough to freely move.

Insertion of Halo into Support Brackets
•Present the Halo with the rotating half facing the surgeon.
•If the patient is in the Park Bench Position, present the Halo with the rotating half facing away from the surgeon.
• Insert the Halo and Support Rods into the receptacles on the Support Brackets and finger tighten.

Company Name: Integra Lifesciences

Model: BUDDE®

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