Cervical Biopsy Punch

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The Tischler-Morgan Biopsy Forceps are used take cervical biopsy during the cervical punch biopsy procedure. The instrument has crocodile jaws with sharp tips that are able to punch out a sample tissue from the cervix and remove it for cytology. The overall length of the instrument is 22 cm with finger rings of 8 � inches that are used to maneuver the forceps precisely. All of our Tischler-Morgan Biopsy Forceps are manufactured with surgical grade stainless steel and may be sterilized for repeat use.

Product:Biopsy Forcep
Handle Type:
Specialty:Gynecology Instruments
Material:Stainless Steel
Surface Finish:Satin (Other finishes available upon request.)

Obstetrician-gynaecologists are physicians who possess special knowledge,
skills and professional capability in the medical and surgical care of the female
reproductive system and associated disorder.

Inpatient surgical procedures include hysterectomies performed vaginally,
abdominally and laparoscopically. Obstetrical procedures include cervical
cerclage, dilation and curretage, amniocentesis, caesarean section, uterine polypus
forcep myoma instruments circumcision,forceps and vacuum deliveries.

Surtex instruments manufacturers a complete range of gynaecology instruments
including but not limited to vaginal speculums, endocervical speculums, uterine
dilators, uterine sounds, uterine depressors, uterine polypus forceps, uterine
seizing forceps, uterine currettes, tenaculum forceps, myoma instruments, fistula
instruments, cervical biopsy punches and IUD instruments.

Company Name: Surtex Instruments Ltd

Model: GY-801-23

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