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It is a specially designed clamping instrument used to grasp tissue, secure towels or drapes, and hold or reduce small bone fractures during surgical procedures. Its ratchet lock mechanism makes it an effective surgical tool. Moreover, it possesses rounded jaws with pointed ends for easy skin and drapes clamping. In addition, the rainbow color of the instrument makes it the best choice for surgeons. Besides, they are stainless steel made with multiple variations.

Backhaus Towel Clamps 3 1/2″ are designed with a ratchet lock mechanism to stay in place during surgical procedures. They have rounded jaws with pointed tips to be inserted into the skin and the drapes. Our Backhaus Towel Clamps 3 1/2″ have rainbow colors and are easily identifiable.

Backhaus Towel Clamps 3 1/2″ are mainly used to hold drapes, towels, and various tissues during surgery. They have a locking mechanism that holds the clamp during surgical procedures. Also, they are used to fastening drapes to stay on during surgeries. They are the best option to be part of your surgical kit for featuring:

•Pointed tips
•Rounded jaws
•Ratchet locking mechanism
•Stainless steel material

Company Name: Germedusa

Model: G11-26 series

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