Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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coagulation, cutting, vessel-sealing
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Faster Cutting Speed
The cutting speed of ENGINE‘s scalpel is 10-15% faster than other competitors, and is as fast as JNJ’s cutting speed

Integrated Knob
Equipped with torque wrench function.
Easy to connect the scalpel to transducer

Decrease Operative time
Vessels and bundles can be sealed and divided in 3 to 5 seconds

Effective vessel-sealing capability
reliably seal vessels up to 3mm

Protection Pad .
Effectively extend the using time of the scalpel

Precise Dissection :
Minimal Lateral Thermal Tissue Damage : ≤1mm

Grasping, dissection, cutting, coagulation…..All in one single instrument

all of the EG ENERGY’s ultrasonic transduers and scalpels with Harmonic

Company Name: Alfa Medtech

Model: EG GN 16

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