Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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coagulation, cutting
Medical procedure
veterinary surgery
with touchscreen
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1. ★Precision: 55.5KHz working end cutter head vibration frequency, 20-120μm amplitude, to ensure accurate cutting and coagulation, to achieve tissue coagulation.
2. Reduced smoke, clearer surgical field of vision, CF-type host equipment, to ensure patient safety, clear sound feedback for closing the trigger
3. The main unit adopts a full touch screen, which is easy to operate. There are 5 working surfaces of the curved cutter head, and the multi-function is integrated.
4. High-performance piezoelectric ceramic chip, stable amplitude output
5. The coagulation burst pressure of 842mmHg and the average blood vessel closure time of 5.89 seconds achieve fast and effective cutting and coagulation effect

Company Name: Shanghai Tow Intelligent Technology

Model: UK-100

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