Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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Medical procedure
dental surgery
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The elctrosurgical unit has a maximum power of 50 Watt.The frontal controls are: general main switch,the power adjuster,the rotating commutator for the choice of the required function: cut cut-coagulum or just coagulum,alarm warning light and patient’s earthing to obtain the peak efficiency of the instrument.On the back side,are placed the electric network feeding cable,the fuse,the hand piece and the eventual pedal socket;this is not indispensable as the same control-function,is placed on the Bistoury handle.The unit is equipped with a kit of 8 electrodes, particularly thin to guarantee the access to all oral cavity’s areas and assure an excellent cut precision Technical details:Tension: 220 V AC-50HzPower: 50 WWeight: 3,300 kg

Company Name: Carlo De Giorgi

Model: 640/00

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