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Advanced Thermocoagulation System
A more advanced, more efficient and more comfortable thermocoagulation technology than those currently available in the market, this is what you get with the Eclipsia+ 27.12 MHz. This innovative system, using the 27.12 MHz ultrafast radiofrequency, provides for a quick and safe cosmetic treatment of all types of skin imperfections such as telangiectases, spider veins, cherry angiomas, milia, keratosis, skin tags, pigmentation spots and minor acne problems.

* Only the treatment of skin vascular imperfection is registered at Health Canada.

Faster Results
The Eclipsia advanced thermocoagulation system uses a 27.12 MHz ultrafast radiofrequency to quickly eliminate all types of superficial skin imperfections. Since this frequency is up to 7 times faster, the Eclipsia generates the required energy in less time than other devices in its category, thus producing quicker and better coagulation results.

Incomparable Comfort
Thanks to its 27.12 MHz ultrafast radiofrequency and exclusive application techniques, the Eclipsia offers an unparalleled level of comfort. In fact, the treatment is performed so quickly that the sensation is barely noticeable by the patient. Mere thousandths of a second are enough to eliminate the unwanted imperfection! By offering such a high level of comfort, the Eclipsia has become the preferred solution for all body areas and types of patients, including the most sensitive ones!

Company Name: Dectromed

Model: Eclipsia+

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