Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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Monopolar and bipolar are available. Stable control provides accurate operations.

Features for monopolar

Remarkable hemostatic level control system ensures stable and accurate output even against excessive impedance variation. Especially it performs well with TUR case.

Hemostatic level can be easily adjusted from level 0 to level 3rd.

Integrated spray coagulation function supports the hemostatic procedures faster.

Features for bipolar

Prevents from burning tip of the forceps by minimize the voltage of bipolar output.

Incorporated foot control output port on the front of the device allows for integrated operation of peripheral instruments such as an endoscope.

All the accessory connection ports are specifically configured to prevent wrong connection by having its individual shape.

With its additional protective cord (grounding wire; a relevant alarm also furnished) to prevent electric shock or heat injury caused by incomplete grounding.

Excellent durability.

Company Name: Acoma Medical


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