Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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Medical procedure
gynecological surgery
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4 probes included
(2x 20 flat, 1x 20 nipple, 1x 17 flat)

The LED light is positioned on top of the thermo-probe so that no shadow is cast onto the cervix, which the operator is aiming for. The light intensity is specifically chosen so that no reflections on the speculum impair the operator by unwanted reflections.

The most difficult part of bringing treatment to rural areas is the absence of clinical infrastructure. Additionally it is a sad coincidence that in the areas where HPV infections are mostly spread HIV is also spread. So when designing the C3 device, it was important to make sure that cross-contamination from patient to patient, but also dependency on clinical infrastructure is fully eliminated. Therefor the thermo-probe of our device can be disinfected using High Level Disinfectant (HLD). We have tested and proven in a laboratory that our disinfection cycle is fully capable of eliminating any contamination and ensuring safe use from patient to patient.

Company Name: Wisap Medical Technology

Model: C3 ECO4

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