Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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coagulation, cutting
Medical procedure
laparoscopic surgery, veterinary surgery, gynecological surgery, urological surgery, ophthalmic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, plastic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery
with touchscreen
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ultrasonic Surgical System (include generator, footswitch, transducer and shear)

Dissection, cutting and coagulation of soft issue during laparoscopic and open surgery such as urology surgery, gynecology, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery and thoracic surgery, etc.

Excellent system performance
– Whole system designed and produced on our own, provide higher system consistency and stability.
– Precise dissection, faster cutting and reliable coagulation with less thermal damage.
– Reduced mist, clear operation vison.

1 – Generator
– Automatic self-test after switch on, ready to use in a few seconds.
– Touch screen with 5 adjustable power levels, suitable for different procedures.
– ATT Algorithm, continuously detecting tissue type and intelligently and efficiently provide energy, achieve higher surgical accuracy and efficiency.
– Compact design and light weight, convenient to place in the OR.

2. – Transducer
– Gold plating electrode, reduce the contact resistance, insure smooth signal transmission.
– Aviation aluminum alloy shell, reliable mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.
– Sealing design, safer and convenient for disinfection.
– Unique piezoelectric ceramic design, more stable energy output.

3. – Shear (include handle)
– Patented detachable shear and reusable handle design, with less pollution and better medical care quality.
– Various options of shear type and length, suitable for different surgeries.
– Curved tip design, better angulation for an ideal cut.
– Multilateral polishing technology, less tissue adhesion, better coagulation function.
– 360-degree rotary dial

Company Name: Sinolinks Medical Innovation

Model: AH-600

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