Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, coagulation
with touchscreen
Cutting power

200 W

Coagulating power

120 W, 200 W

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Smart Device System
Automatic power regulation
Real-time monitoring of output
Different language version
Power monitor
Modern design

Operating modes

Prepared for cutting and coagulation treatments. It has two universal SDS sockets.
It is equipped with “Smart Device System” technology, which evokes operating modes and settings
Automatically adjusts power to the user’s needs.
It enables fast and comfortable work. Atom smart has monopolar and bipolar modes.

System NEM
Overload Protection

SDS system
Automatic power regulation
Touch screen
Power Monitor

Electrosurgical unit ATOM Smart is anelectrosurgical device which uses highfrequency currentflow for cutting andcoagulating tissue. The unit allows toperform procedures in monopolar andbipolar modes. ATOM Smart electrosurgicalsystem is controlled with a touch screenwhich is designed to provide the user witheasy access to all functions. The settings ormodes of operation are changed by touchingicons on the screen. To ensure maximum easeof operation there are no extra buttonsor knobs. ATOM Smart is equipped with twouniversal SDS outputs, which identifies theconnected instrument, automatically adjuststhe appropriate operating modes and outputparameters to the connected instrument.Neutral electrode monitoring system[NEM] together with EMED SAFE disposableelectrodes, guarantees maximum safetyduring procedures.

Company Name: Emed

Model: ATOM smart

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