Colorectal Surgery Laser

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soft tissue surgery, colorectal surgery
Amplifying medium
Pulse duration
Laser class
class 4

980 nm, 1,470 nm, 1,940 nm


15 W, 30 W


3.5 kg (7.72 lb)

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Harlas is an outstanding surgical laser machine designed with the latest techniques and manufactured with components which are supplied by the world well-known brands. It has a compact and modular design mainly in silver aluminum alloy housing and black tempered glass panel, exuding soft luster, aesthetic feeling and delicate texture. It has a light weight and small size, 230(W)*180(L)*135(H), which is easy to carry and easy in cleaning.

Harlas surgical laser offers various wavelengths. Different wavelengths have different absorption capability and penetration characteristics, meeting a variety of actual clinical needs such as ablation, coagulation, vaporization and etc. Harlas 1470nm/15w laser system is recommended for hemorrhoid, fistula ,fissure and pilonidal sinus treatment , Superior quality device, advanced features and complete portability.

Compact and modular design mainly in silver aluminum alloy housing and black tempered glass panel.
7inch high resolution and sensitive touchscreen, user friendly interface with clear treatment guidance.
German diode and German laser technology
Intelligent software, Flexible power adjustment range.
Real-time on-screen display of treatment energy.
Perfect heat management, support continue working without overheating problem.
Support different operation mode: CW, Single or Repeat Pulse
Medical fibers support with standard SMA905 Connector
Providing a complete set of accessories according to different application
light weight and small size ,easy to carry and easy in cleaning.

Company Name: Dimed Laser Technology

Model: Harlas

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