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CRYO-S Electric II® is state-of-the-art cryosyrgical device manufactured by Metrum CyoFlex is the next generation of apparatus used in the surgery field since 1992.Cryo-S Electric II is controlled by microprocessor and all parameters are displayed on LCD screen.

Technical advantages
Mode selection, cleaning the probe and freezing can be performed automatically using foot switch or touch screen keeping the site of a procedure under sterile conditions.
Electronic communication(chip system) between the main device and the connected cryoprobe. Unit recognizes to probe characteristics.
Pressure and gas flow are set automatically, any manual adjustment is not necessary.
Contains automatic probe cleaning system and two freezing modes(continuous and discontinuous).
Temperature of the probe, pressure, gas flow, time of the procedure are displayed during freezing.
Technical specification
Power requirements.
Power 100÷240V(50/60Hz)AC
Maximum power consumption 150 VA
Cooling medium.
CO2 – 78°C or N2O – 89°C
Maximum pressure 70 bars(CO2) and 55 bars(N2O)
Working pressure 48÷65 bars(CO2), 38-53 bars(N2O)
LCD screen (touch).
Voice information system(information about key figures during procedure).
Comfortable foot switche controler (dual function).
Automatic/Manual control of the flow rate parameters.
Automaticl gas pressure control.
Freezing temperature control.
Two operations modes(auto and manual).
automatic working modes(stop,preparation,ready,freezing,cleaning).
Cryoprobe information system(information about type of probe used, number of treatments left for the specific probe.

Company Name: Metrum Cryoflex

Model: Cryo-S Electric II

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