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Transforming the Interventional Oncology landscape begins with building a foundation on one intelligent innovation. Introducing our new CryoCare Touch™ ablation system for Interventional Radiologists.

Interventional Radiology + Varian = Intelligent Innovation
Broaden your influence, elevate your confidence, and take advantage of intelligent technologies with the first of our many Interventional Oncology advancements to come.

Our new CryoCare Touch system furthers our dedication to developing intelligent interventional solutions by offering an intuitive touch screen interface and compact design. When combined with Varian’s adjustable V-Probe, CryoCare Touch provides exceptional control and reliable sculpting precision.

Interventional Radiologists can treat almost any cancer. At Varian, we’re deeply committed to partnering with our customers to develop intelligent, innovative treatment solutions.

Integrated touch screen user interface to control and monitor the procedure
Compact, easy-to-operate console and remote control keypad for operational flexibility
Real-time readout of the argon and helium system pressures during the procedure

Company Name: Varian Oncology

Model: CryoCare Touch

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