Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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Improves on the trusted Cool-tip™ RFA system with a simple, intuitive design and new safety features.

Simple and intuitive design with added safety features
For thermal ablation of soft-tissue tumors, we offer the Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series*.

The E Series improves on the trusted platform of the Cool-tip™ RFA system, preferred worldwide for its straight-needle design and maximum energy delivery, making it possible to create larger ablation zones in less time and with less charring than other RFA systems.

Simple and intuitive
Easier and more efficient to set up
Touch screen interface
Setup and troubleshooting guidance

New safety features
Innovative patient return electrode helps in protecting against potential for hotspots and reduces number of pads required
Optional remote temperature probe allows real-time tissue temperature monitoring for extra assurance
Measure tissue temperature in or adjacent to ablation zone
If desired, automatically stop RF delivery based on the temperature

Company Name: Covidien

Model: Cool-tip™ E

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