Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, coagulation
Cutting power

Min.: 0 W

Max.: 300 W

Coagulating power

Min.: 0 W

Max.: 100 W

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1. High-frequency Electrosurgical Unit is an advanced electro surgery equipment for incision and coagulation of the biological tissue through the high frequency current.
2. It is an excellent substitute for mechanical scalpels due to its simple & safe operation, fast tissue incision and blood coagulation. It is wide use in General surgery, Gynecology,Urology, Oncology, Orthopedics etc.
3. Easy-to-use buttons for simple operation
4. High power output 300W for more operation selection
5. Up to 7 work modes: Pure/Blend1/Blend2, Standard/Spray, Bipo1/Bipo2
6. Increment of 5W micro power control system to ensure optimal effect
7. Minimal sticking and carbonization, reduce the surgery damage
8. Fast trouble-shooting by default error alarm system
9. Auto-terminate of power output after 5 seconds to avoid misoperation
10. Support endoscopes connection and underwater cutting (TURP etc).

Company Name: Promed Technology

Model: PSU-300

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