Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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Medical procedure
dental surgery
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A new generation in ultrasound surgery
SB 400 Surgybone high power
SB 400L Surgybone high power with led light
Surgybone aims at satisfying doctors’ everyday need, including the need to exploit room space at best. You can choose among twenty free programs, ten of which are preset. User-friendly, always ready for use, Surgybone exploits piezoelectric technology at 360° with a single handpiece.

Booster / high power, ideal for working power increase;
Display with data set visualization, according to a protocol;
Micro processor electronic control with advanced software: it improves the tip action and a specific system prevents the cutting element breakup;
Handpiece with led light, for high visibility in the operating area (SB 400L);
Automatic cleaning system, to keep the handpiece efficient;
High power handpiece, with piezoelectric oversized transducer equipped with 6 ceramic disks ø 13,5 mm.
Wide liquid crystal display to visualize the data set. Direct push-button control for precise and prompt setting.
Power regulation according to different insert tips (sharp, blunt, smoothing, endodontic).
Maximum cutting precision, avoiding soft tissue damage and overheating necrosis.
Regulation of VIBRA function, with PERCUSSION action and selective cutting.
Regulation of WATER function.
Surgical handpiece
Micrometric cutting
Selective cutting
Cavitation effect
Minimum tissue overheating
High visibility in the operating area
Protection of soft tissues
Reduction of pain
Early rehabilitation
High yield ceramic disks
External irrigation set
Light and noiseless
Manufactured in tested material for more than 20.000 sterilization cycles

Company Name: Silfradent Srl


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