Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, coagulation
Cutting power

100 W

Coagulating power

100 W

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Designed for medium/low complexity surgeries in general, can be
used in pediatric surgery, gynecology, plastic-aesthetic, buco-maxilofacial, endoscopic among others, according to the chosen model/
power*. There may be restrictions for lower power models.
Four functions PURE, BLEND MIN, BLEND MID and BLEND MAX for
monopolar cut with HI crest factor, four with LOW crest factor and PULSE
Monopolar coagulation: DESICCATE, SPRAY(FULGURATE) and PULSE
Two PULSE modes*: PPC® and UPE® with five leveis for each mode.
Available for the models Plus ( + ).
Two* Bipolar modes: Precise and Standard.
Tone indication of function of Cut and Coagulation.
Feedback Power Adjust (FPA®).
Patient Resistance Monitoring System (MRPGraph®), with automatic
identification of the type of the plate (Simple/Double).
Automatic check-Up of the equipment with erros code in the panei.
Activation by manual and/or pedal control.
Compatible* for connection with argon gas coagulator.
Remete control for adjusting the power through the pedal or hand control
Recovery of most recently used adjustments, RELOAD function.
Adjustment of activation tone volume on the front panei.
Stand-by key.
Auxiliary port/ Activation.
LED backlight connectors.
*Check compatible models.

General Characteristics.
lsolated outputs configuration.
Built to elimintate shock and equipment demage hazards arising from liquid
dripping during usage. lPX I pattern.
Aluminium box with electrostatic epoxy paint of high resistance.
Natural convection cooling.
Display with 6 dials of 7 segment.

Company Name: Deltronix

Model: SEG series

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