Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, coagulation
Medical procedure
ENT surgery
Cutting power

Min.: 20 W

Max.: 30 W

Coagulating power

Min.: 5 W

Max.: 25 W


2.2 MHz

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Bipolar high-frequency technology has been used for many years in ENT medicine to close blood vessels safely. The development of new device features provides new treatment options as a result of the precise cutting function and individual adjustment of the degree of coagulation. Optimized electrodes facilitate handling and minimize tissue stress.

Maximum precision for scar-free surgery
thanks to the increased frequency of 2.2 MHz without effort and damage to adjacent tissue layers

Less secondary bleeding and faster wound healing
through minimal tissue stress and optimized handling of electrodes

Simple volume reduction
thanks to the automatic function and specially shaped electrodes

ENT outpatient department
General medicine
Emergency medicine
ENT practice

Mono Cut — for fine incisions (tissue-preserving)
Mono Coag — for hemostasis with ball electrodes
Bipol Coag — for controlled tissue dehydration
(e.g. nasal conchae and soft palate)

Universal usability with suitable electrodes for various applications in ENT medicine

The appropriate product can be selected to suit the planned application. Photo: Range of electrodes

Company Name: Atmos Medizintechnik

Model: RS 221

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