Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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Predictable [1,2,4]
Achieve consistent ablation zones within a variety of tissues using synchronous microwave energy delivered at 915 MHz. This wavelength is less reliant on conductive heating which yields more predictable ablation volumes.

Scalable [3]
Obtain complete coverage by selecting the ablation size and shape that meets your clinical needs. Scale and shape your ablation volume by adjusting the power and time settings and using either one, two, or three antennas.

Flexible [5,6]
Choose an angle of approach which is most suitable for the clinical scenario – for percutaneous, open, and laparoscopic procedures. Parallel placement (using a 0-degree angle of approach) is not required.

Generator Highlights
The MicroThermX Generator is available in either table top or mobile cart configurations3
The generator is compact in size and lightweight, making it portable and easy to store3
The generator allows users to connect up to three (3) antennas3
Intuitive touchscreen user interface that is easy to use and navigate3
Quick and easy procedure setup5
915 MHz Wavelength provides larger areas of active heating4

Company Name: Varian Oncology

Model: MicroThermX

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