Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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Coagulating power

Min.: 3 W

Max.: 6 W

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Zeus is a multi-frequency portable electrosurgical generator for the soft surgery.

Zeus is a IIb Class Medical Device that, thanks to its setting properties in accordance with the treaent type and the patient’s characteristics (photo-type, degree of hydration and degree of aging), is able to optimize the efficiency of the treaent and extend the application fields.

Zeus arises from the need to treat those diseases where it is difficult to operate with other technologies, as a single treaent or as an adjunct to other methods.
The soft surgery performed by Zeus can be summarized in three fundamental Phases:

Clinical history of the type of the skin to be treated and Setting of Frequency, Power and Duty Cycle.
Generation of a small electrical arc, similar to a minute lighting energy as a visible spark due to the voltage breakdown of the dielectric.
Sublimation of the superficial tissues, without unwanted heat transmission to the adjacent tissues, without penetrating in depth and without affecting the structures involved in pain sensation.

Company Name: Oxxot

Model: ZEUS

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