Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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Medical procedure
cardiac ablation

Used for cardiac ablation!!!
Compatible with EP system!!!
Compatible with physiological saline pump!!!
RFA (RF Ablation)Generator

Functions and characters:
Flexible and Comprehensive Compatibility
1.Connecting with cold saline pump, cold saline can be perfused.
2.The Generator is controlled by EP Recording System.
3.Catheters can be recognized automatically, including non temperature-controlled catheters, thermosensitive catheters, and thermocouple catheters.
4.Compatibility:Cordis Catheter / IBI Catheter / Bard Catheter / EPT Catheter / HUITAI Catheter

Other Domestic Catheters
The function of playback can show you parameters:
temperature curves, power curves, and impedance curves, so you can master discharge state directly.

Optional Control Mode
The both control modes (temperature-control and power-control modes) can satisfy different energy needs.
Data Storage Function
This function can store the current setting value, and no matter power off or power on, it is not necessary to reset those values in the next discharging.

Impedance Range
Impedance can be manually set, and the setting range is 30~300 Ω.
Unique Memory Function
Frequencies and discharge time can be accumulated to give you a much clearer discharge state.
Detection of Real-time Impedance and Temperature
The real-time temperature and impedance of temperature-controlled catheter can be detected during the course of none discharge, so that you can master the whole procedure.

Company Name: Henan Huanan Medical Science Technology Co Ltd

Model: GY-8100

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