Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, coagulation
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This system is composed of the generator, transducer, and scalpel. And the generator converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the piezoelectric ceramic sheet in the handle, so that the jaw oscillates at 55.5KHz, and the vibration amplitude is 50μm-100μm. The oscillating jaw breaks the hydrogen bond of tissue protein when it comes into contact with the tissue. Tissue protein cells degenerate to form viscous coagulum, which can cut and stop bleeding (vessels≤5mm). Ultrasonic coagulation has a lower temperature than electrocoagulation, and tissue damage is less.

The BBT ultrasonic surgery system effectively applies the minimally invasive technology of ultrasonic scalpels in different types of surgical operations. Its treatment principle is to pass the ultrasonic scalpel through 3-5 small holes in the patient under the guidance of an endoscope. Involved in the local diseased parts of the human body, the energy emission platform intelligently controls its treatment power and range of action. Without damaging the normal tissues, the local diseased tissues produce a biovaporization effect, causing the soft tissues in the body to coagulate, degenerate, and necrosis. The blood vessels are coagulated to achieve the effect of cutting and hemostasis.

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