Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, bipolar coagulation
Cutting power

300 W

Coagulating power

300 W

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Unifies CUT, COAG, ARGON,and BIPOLAR functions
Electrosurgical module and endoscopic therapy module
Triple pedal or manual control freely switched
Display: Color LCD real-time display

Product Features and Advantages:

With electromagnetic compatibility group I class A and floating CF type, the equipment has the highest safety and double feedback automatic control. The output power is stable and reliable.

With a power of 300W, one device can realize CUT, COAG, ARGON, BIPOLAR and other modes of output, which includes multiple patented technologies.

Equipped with electrosurgical module and endoscopic therapy module, different modules can be controlled automatically by microcomputer for various operations.

Color LCD real-time display function , automatic memory function and contact area detection function of the negative plate.

With the audible alarm prompt function, the breakdown cause can be clearly and intuitively found out in the shortest time!

Triple pedal or manual control can be switched freely according to different surgical requirements, which is convenient for operators to use.

The excitation distance of argon beam is more than 10mm, which ensures a clear vision during the surgery

The function of argon flushing can prevent the blockage of argon electrode and increase argon beam excitation distance effectively.

The argon flow is controlled and compensated in an automatic way. When argon pressure insufficient,acousto-optic alarm will be given and the output stops.

Functional modes:



New generation electrosurgical control mode

Company Name: Bioevopeak

Model: EG series

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