Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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Medical procedure
neurosurgery, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedic surgery
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39 kHz

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The XD880A is an ultrasonic osteotomy that enables safer and more controlled bone removal while sparing soft tissue and neural structures.

The XD880A is a valuable tool in cutting, drilling and grinding in spine surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, joint surgery and endoscopic surgery.

Non-rotational longitudinal micro-vibration provides for very effective bone removal.

Safety for Patients
Better protecting soft tissue
“Low Amplitude + Blunt Tip” efficiently protects the spinal dura mater.

Higher protection
Class I type BF protects against electric shock, this higher electrical safety performance measure provides safe protection for doctors and patients.

Appropriate for Doctors
Engineered for endoscopic, MED and open spine surgery

Efficient cutting, drilling and grinding under lower noise
A. Customize shape, length and angle of TIP, specific to your surgical requirements
B. Designed for both inward and outward resection
Inward resection = Outside → inside
Outward resection = Inside → outside

Safety choice of Tips
Scalpel with serration
Hook with serration
Curette with serration
Milling drill
Pig-feet shaped scalpel

A wide range of further tip options are available

Safety in Procedures
Endoscopic Spine Surgery
Pediatric Craniotomy
Posterior Thoracic Spinal Decompression

1. Spine Surgery
Subtotal corpectomy
Spinal tumor resection

2. Neurosurgery
Suboccipital craniotomy
Zygomatic orbital craniotomy
Intraspinal tumor resection
Acoustic neuroma resection

3. Hand and Foot Surgery
Revision joint prosthesis  
Hallux valgus osteotomy orthopedics
Artificial joint replacement

Company Name: Shanghai Sanyou Medical

Model: XD880A

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