Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation, vessel-sealing
radiofrequency, high-frequency
with touchscreen
Cutting power

400 W

Coagulating power

400 W

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Multiple microcontrollers’ supervision enables the combimax surgical generators to deliver, control and maintain the power levels dynamically in varying tissue impedances.

Tissue Monitoring technology
Alan’s combimax surgical generator are equipped with tissue monitoring technology. this technology monitors the issue impedance and dynamically varies the HF current & voltage in microseconds to achieve the desired effect on tissue as per selected mode of operation. this prevents unintended power delivery, which helps in faster post recovery of patients as well as protects the instrument from accidental damage due to excessive power/HF voltage.

Smart Auto-start coagulation
Auto-start: In this mode the unit delivers power when tissue is held between forceps or similar instrumernt by automatically sensing the tissue presence.

Smart auto-stop coagulation
Microcontroller measure the tissue impedance and automatically stops the HF delivery after obtaining “optimum coagulation” Without charring the tissue. Sticking effect & heat produced on instrument is reduced, which increases life of instrument. Thermal spread is also minimized in this mode because the machine senses increase in tissue impedance and stop the delivery at appropriate time.

HF Leakage Monitor & Controller
Active HF leakage Monitor Constantly supervises leakage current. If any current leakage is detected, Microcontroller controls it effeciently. If these current exceeds specified limit, microcontroller stops the HF delivery and gives Error message with an Audible Alarm

Company Name: Alan Electronic Systems Private Limited

Model: Combimax

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