Debridement Electrosurgical Unit

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Max.: 40 kHz

Min.: 20 kHz

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Low frequency ultrasonic debridement is a new method of debriding wounds that is less traumatic, less painful and can achieve faster healing rates. It is bactericidal and enables many debridement treatments to be undertaken by a podiatrist or wound consultant in their smaller clinical setting.

There are three kinds of cutters – Double ball type, spatula type and hoof type. Double ball type and hoof type are used most often. Hoof type is suitable for flat wounds, because its opening and closing angle is larger, thus the covering area of ejected medicine liquid is larger. In addition, it has a tip in the front and the tip can be used to assist debridement for scraping and wiping. For double ball type, we call it universal cutter. It can be used for small wounds, besides it can stretch into fistula, sinus. That’s to say the cutter can go deep into the tissue for debridement.


Complete debridement:

During debridement, suitable ultrasonic treatment handles can be replaced for different wounds according to actual situation, so the wound positions, which cannot be reached by normal debridement instrument, can be debrided completely by adjusting the location of debridement handle.

Healing promoting:

The device can improve the wound environment, promote the effect of drug treatment, activate the fiber cells, promote the synthesis of fibrin layer, and enhance the wound healing ability.

High bacterial removal rate:

The bacteria, fungi and viruses adhered on the wound can be removed and destroyed by using ultrasound, the rate of sterilization is more than 96%.

Company Name: Hubei Cfull Medical Technology

Model: CF/Q-C4

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