Debridement Electrosurgical Unit

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Heal the wound, make it a better life.

Ultrasonic device for wound debridement.

Surgysonic Wound: an innovative device easy to use and equipped with dedicated tools with 2D and 3D motion technology.

What is meant by ultrasonic debridement?

Debridement refers to the removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue from a wound in order to increase the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. The low-frequency ultrasonic energy is transmitted directly to the wound surface, to the surrounding edges and underlying tissues by performing “debridement” and microcavitation.

Can be used in the operating room, in the ward for:

Difficult injuries
Diabetic foot
Osteomyelitis Burns
Arterial, venous ulcers
Pressure sores
Skin infections
The benefits for the patient

Pain reduction and management, exudate reduction, reduction of the number of treatments and debridement time.

Company Name: Esacrom

Model: Surgysonic Wound

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