Dental Curette

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Other characteristics
double-ended, for furcations
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O ‘Hehir New Millennum Curettes
•Unique scoop blades that cut a 270° perimeter
•Push, pull in any direction
•Three dimensional scaling and root planing
•No tissue trauma
These unique curettes have small scoop blades with 270° radiused cutting edges. It’s like having the toe of a curette without
the interference of the remaining unused portion of a traditional blade. This radical departure from traditional curette design allows the
clinician to reach areas missed by traditional curette blades. Designed for access and effectiveness. Can be used with either a push or
pull motion, in vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions. Perfect for flirtings, furcations and line angles.

Company Name: Medical One Srl

Model: O ‘Hehir

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