Dental Implantology Handpiece

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Application domain
for dental implantology, surgical
Gear ratio

50,000 rad.min-1 (7,957.7 rpm)

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Surgical Handpiece SZ-75 specially for Zygoma implants
Chirurgisches Handstück S-11 L G
Unique, easy and safe
The specially for the insertion of Zygoma implants developed 20:1
handpiece facilitates the work of the surgeon. The angulation is unique and allows a much better view of the treatment site. So the surgical procedure is also possible to difficult accessible positions
in the zygomatic bone.

Your advantages at a glance
Easy access to treatment site
High application security
Fatigue-free working
Efficient cooling
Easy access to treatment site
The angle of the handpiece allows optimal access for difficult interventions in the area of the zygomatic bone.

High application security
The world‘s only 20:1 handpiece with contra-angle chucking system ensures application security at high concentricity.

Fatigue-free working
The ergonomic design of the handpiece ensures long and fatigue-free working.

Company Name: W H Dentalwerk International

Model: Zygoma

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