Dental Implantology Micromotor Control Unit

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Application domain
for dental implantology

NS-UD500 Dental Implant medical device
•NS-UD500 covers all the functions of NS-UD300 and upgrades a more powerful operating system
•Configuration of touch operation function, in the intelligent era, is more in line with the operating habits
of modem clinicians.
•Wireless foot switch, any signal can be received within 10 meters, and the doctor no longer has to worry
about misuse of the messy cables under his feet.
•Gesture control, during the operation, the high-definition camera can capture the doctor’s gesture
movements and realize contactless system-wide control
In the tapping mode, the system interface automatically displays the
real-time torque curve, and the process data is clear at a glance
Data management via USB interface
• Cooperate with special software on the computer side to provide a
one-stop solution for patient files, surgical data and process analysis
The unique gesture induction real zes non-contact control of tne host computer
and a brand-new man-machine interaction mode to prevent cross infection
during the clinical man-machine to the greatest extent

Company Name: Jiangsu Nuoxen Medical Technology Co Ltd

Model: NS-UD500

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