Dental Laser

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dental, soft tissue surgery
Amplifying medium
Laser class
class 4, class 2

450 nm, 650 nm, 976 nm


Min.: 0.2 W

Max.: 4 W


1.5 kg (3.31 lb)

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Innvovative Three Wavelengths
Blue Semiconductor Laser Therapy Device
Wide scope of application
Can be used for the fields of dental soft tissue surgery, endodontic disease, periodontal disease,
pain treatment, soft lasertherapy, and otheroraldisease by vaporizing, carbonizing and solidifying the tissue by laser.

Remarkable treatment effect:
There is basically no bleeding during operation, maximally minimizing the postoperative swelling, reducing pain of patients, and accelerating the recovery.
human-machine interaction
5-inch full-view capacitive touch panel with flat Ul design
Three wavelengths meet requirements of more treatments

1)The innovative 450 nm blue lasertechnology is ideal
for soft tissue cutting, ablation, coagulation
and incision/excision.
At 450 nm, the absorption constant of hemoglobin is
two orders of magnitude for ordinary lasers (e.g. 980nm/81 Onm),
making it only need very low laser power
to complete the treatment,
and thethermaldamage during treatment is extremely low.
2)976nm is a traditional infrared dental laser.
Dueto its deep penetration in tissues,
it is widely used for the reduction of bacteria
in periodontal disease and endodontic diseases.
Atthe same time, this wavelength is also suitable
for high power lasertreatment(HPLT) and pain reduction in TMJ.
3)The 650 nm Laser is used for low level
laser therapy (LLLT) effects.
It is also known as the photobiomodulation (PBM) effect.
Itwill contribute to wound healing
and biostimulation of dentalsurgery.

Company Name: Guilin Woodpecker Medical Instrument Co Ltd

Model: D-Laser DTE

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