Dental Micromotor Control Unit

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Application domain
brushless electric
Other characteristics

Min.: 2,000 rpm (12,566.4 rad.min-1)

Max.: 40,000 rpm (251,327.4 rad.min-1)

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Beyes® has made upgrading to the newest electric technology easy with the Maxso® E600. This brushless electric micromotor system is designed with ultimate user-friendliness in mind. Its solid titanium construction ensures perfect balance – it is also one of the most lightweight systems of its kind available. Delivering uncompromised power, this system features advanced rotational control technology, resulting in only the smoothest and steadiest operation. Integrate the Maxso® E600 into your practice with ease and start experiencing the advantages of electric today.

Lightweight: Weighs only 77g
Powerful: 3.4 Ncm of torque
Steady Performance: Speed of rotations is controlled between 2,000 and 40,000 rpm
Smooth Operation: Torque ripple and heat reduction technology eliminates vibrations
Convenient & Durable: Autoclavable at a maximum of 135°C
Easy Installation: Simply mount and connect

MSRP: $1,678.00 USD

Code: MT6001

Model: M600P (Portable)

Includes: Portable System Control Unit with Digital Speed Display, Autoclavable Brushless Motor, Cord for Micromotor

Thumb e600b rev1
MSRP: $1,678.00 USD

Code: MT6002

Model: M600B (Built-In)

Includes: Control Unit, Display Unit, Autoclavable Brushless Motor, Cord for Micromotor

Company Name: Beyes Dental Canada

Model: Maxso® E600

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