Dental Micromotor Control Unit

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Application domain
brushless electric
Lighting technology
with LED light
Options and accessories
with handpiece

Min.: 100 rpm (628.3 rad.min-1)

Max.: 40,000 rpm (251,327.4 rad.min-1)

Sound level

Min.: 60 dB

Max.: 70 dB

Brushless Electric Internal Irrigation Micromotor
Product origin CHINA
Delivery time 3-5 DAYS
Supply capacity 10000 PCS
Order code: DIL-01T
Dental Micro Motor Brushless Electric
Package Content: 1 set Micro Brushless optic motor and 1 pc user manual
Product name: Tealth® brushless electric micromotor

Order code: DIL-01T


Max rotation speed: 40,000r/min

Noise: less than 60dB


Weight: 2500g

Irrigation: Internal irrigation

Connector: ISO standard E-type

Operation panel keys used:

A.To press the power key press to start the motor operation, switch indicator light, and then press one stop, switch indicator light out.

B.When the motor is running, the positive reverse indicator light is on when it is turning, showing green, press the positive reverse selection key, the motor is reversed, and the positive reverse indicator light is on, showing orange red.

C.When running the motor again, the motor speed and rotation press the memory of the last operation.

D.When using a bending head with different speed ratios, the speed displayed by the speed display window is the speed of the head; Press the speed ratio selection key, you can choose the speed ratio corresponding to the nose, and the corresponding indicator light is on.

Company Name: Tealth Foshan Medical Equipment Co Ltd

Model: DIL-01T

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