Dental Scissors

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Medical procedure
dental, wire-cutting
Patient type
for humans
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General requirements
Pliers and instruments must be cleaned, disinfected and if necessary, sterilized before each use. This also applies to
initial use following delivery. Pliers and instruments are normally delivered non-sterile (clean and disinfect following
removal of the protective transport packaging; sterilize after packing). Efficient cleaning and disinfecting is essential for
effective sterilization. This includes rotary instruments (drills), hereafter referred to as instruments.
During use ensure that contaminated instruments are collected separately and are not replaced in the instrument
tray to avoid greater contamination of the loaded instrument tray. Clean / disinfect the contaminated
instruments. Then replace them in the instrument tray and sterilize the fully loaded instrument tray if necessary.
When using a disinfector, make sure:
 the efficacy of the disinfector has been certified (e.g.
DGHM or FDA approved and CE marking according to
DIN EN ISO 15883),
 a certified program for thermal disinfection (minimum
10 min. at 93 °C / 199 °F or an A0 > 3000) is used (with
chemical disinfection there is the risk of disinfectant
residue on the instruments)

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