Dental Surgery Micromotor Control Unit

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for dental surgery
electric, ultrasonic
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TECHNIQUES OF BONE SURGERY:The techniques of bone surgery consist in the execution of actions of cut or modelling of the bone surface, all the interventions of bone surgery have origin from the wise combination of the techniques of osteotomy and osteoplasty.The micromotors are at the moment the more used, they are characterized by a redoubt speed of job to minimize the trauma that could be caused by a possible excess of heat on the surface.With these tools the cut of mineralized tissue depends from the strength of rotation (torque) and from the practiced pressure, over that from the morphology and from the quality of the materials.
PIEZOELECTRIC BONE SURGERY:The Piezoelectric Surgery has been conceived to reach the maximum levels of safety and of precision overcoming the limits imposed by the traditional instrumentation. The use of the ultrasound for the bone surgery present notable advantages.From the experience of the Carlo De Giorgi S.r.l is born . ULTRASURGERY , that perfectly answers to the applications of execution of the techniques of osteotomy and osteoplasty in extremely delicate situations.ULTRASURGERY is an instrument for the Piezoelectric Bone Surgery that, thanks to the ultrasonic vibration and to electronic control, allows to effect cuts with great efficiency, precision and safety without injuring the soft tissue without necrosis and without provoking an excess of temperature on the cuted tissues.

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Model: 565/00

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