Dental Surgery Micromotor Control Unit

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for dental surgery, for dental implantology
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BEST implantology system is a patented product developed in Best Dent Equipment Co.,Limited and it can substitute the imported dental implantology system. The system power is from the micro BLDC motor developed in our company. Owing to no carbon brush, therefore there are no unsafe operating problems caused by carbon brush abrasion or poor contact, etc. The motor and cable adopt particular technology and material to solve the problem that the general motor is incapable of high pressure high temperature sterilization and avoid the surgery infectious problem as the motor and cable are incapable of high pressure high temperature sterilization.

BEST implantology system has one fixing or continuous function key. When setting up in fixed position, so long as properly adjusts the revolution of surgery system for the first time, there is no need to adjust its revolution afterwards. This is convenience for usage and reduces mistaken revolution possibly caused by miscount, etc. for changing the hand piece with different speed reducing ratio from drilling to threading. This also avoids the trouble to adjust the revolution again when once changing the function.

Company Name: Best Dent Equipment Co Limited

Model: BEST

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