Dental Surgery Micromotor Control Unit

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Application domain
for dental surgery, for dental implantology
Options and accessories
with micromotor, complete set

40,000 rpm (251,327.4 rad.min-1)

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Engine body
Power supply voltageAC 110 ~ 240 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power consumption100 VA
Max. Coolant flow rate100 ml/min
Fuse2 x 250 V – T1.25 AH
Dimension250mm(W) x 250mm(L) x 110mm(H)
Max. Speed40,000 rpm
Internal resistance(Phase to phase)730 [mΩ]
Internal inductance(Phase to phase)110 [uH]
Fuse24mm(Diameter) x 100mm(Length)
Weight80 g
Foot pedal
Speed controlVariable
Foot control functionsProgram control, Coolant control, Forward/Reverse
Calibration function operates by simultaneously pressing +/- button for 2~3 seconds. Perform the Calibration function when the motor is initially used and operate this function under no load status.
Torque limit function
The beep sounds when load torque above torque value set by a user operates longer than 3 seconds and the operation stops to ensure patient’s safety.
Max by 32:1 gear handpiece
Program function
Program button allows a user to select function in turn based on implant surgery procedure and controls gear ratio, torque, rotation speed, direction of rotation and water injection rate of the selected program.
Memory function
Memory numbered 1~9 is selected upon pressing the Memory button and the set value of each function can be saved on loaded memory number by pressing the System button.
Saved memory is maintained until the set value is altered and saved again and it can be loaded by pressing the Memory button.

Company Name: Micro Nx Co Ltd

Model: Impla-NX LED

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