Dermatology Cryosurgery Unit

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Leading-Edge Cryosurgery

Precise positioning, easy handling and short irradiation time

Precise treatment and a wide range of applications
The CryoPen product range includes pen-like cryosurgery devices as well as applicators and cartridges to meet every practitioner’s needs.

Typical treatments
• Acropchordon (treatment: 5-10 sec.)
• Seborrhoic Keratosis (treatment: 3-5 sec.)
• Pigmented Spot (treatment: 3-5 sec.)
• Solar Lentigo (treatment: 3-5 sec.)
• Molluscum Contagiosum (treatment: 10-15 sec.)
• Hemangioma (treatment: 5-10 sec.)
• Skin Tag (treatment: 5-10 sec.)
• Wart (treatment: 10-15 sec.)

Company Name: Dermoscan

Model: CryoPen

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