Dermatology Cryosurgery Unit

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TargetCool’s rapid, precise, controlled cooling benefits both providers and patients by making procedures more comfortable and recoveries easier. TargetCool also reduces patient wait times by eliminating the need for numbing creams and gels. With TargetCool, you’ll be bringing a higher standard of care to your procedures.

TargetCool combines breakthrough digital technology and the simple physics of compressed CO₂ cooling, allowing for an unprecedented degree of precision, control, and rapidity in skin cooling.

Provider Benefits
For providers, TargetCool offers increased patient comfort, precise targeting and control, reduced patient wait times, improved results, and a superior standard of care that maximizes patient retention and referrals.

Patient Benefits
TargetCool’s rapid pain and inflammation-reducing effects create a more comfortable, less anxious experience for patients undergoing needle-based procedures. TargetCool eliminates patient wait-times associated with topical numbing creams, and also speeds recovery.

How It Works
The basic physics of TargetCool are elegant and intuitive. Pressurized CO₂ gas is sprayed on the skin to provide pain and inflammation reduction. The difference with TargetCool is that it is the first ever device to allow precise and accurate control of skin temperature and cooling duration, down to the degree and second.

Operating the TargetCool™ device is simple, and it’s easy to learn and train your staff on. Just set the temperature and time and press the trigger.

Company Name: Coolhealth

Model: TargetCool

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