Dermatology Laser

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dermatology, soft tissue surgery, aesthetic medicine
Amplifying medium
Pulse duration
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LUMIX® Q Platform innumerable possibilities in Surgery and in Therapy, thanks to Nd:Yag Q-Switched laser platform

LUMIX® Q Platform is the state-of-the-art multifunctional Laser platform which offers the maximum power and versatility in an extracompact design.
The unique features of LUMIX® Q Platform

Power: 130kW = 130.000W

Average power: 20W

Superpulsation: 1-100.000Hz
Three pulse modes

Q-Switched Pulsed: from 7ns up to 35ns
PQP: from 250μs to 50ms
Burst mode Continuous: TOn up to 100ms


The widest range of procedures and treatments in one device
Maximum precision, efficacy and safety of treatments
Extremely fast learning curve thanks to the Wizard and the LUMIX® Assistant
Minimally invasive and safe treatments with reduced downtime
Great patients’ comfort and satisfaction
Immediate access to preset procedures through a large display
Wireless pedal to freely and easily control the system
Rapid release mechanism to quickly change the terminals
High-performance extracompact Laser System

Company Name: Fisioline

Model: LUMIX® Q Platform

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