Disposable Electrosurgical Knife Handle

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Disposable Electrosurgical Knife

Intended use
Used with an electrosurgical unit for endoscopie mucosal marking, insion in the Gl tract.

2 in 1 O knife
•I knife – Designed for the purpose of marking, insion, peeling, hemostasis formucosal/submucosal defects quickly.
•O knife – Ceramic tip desingned to insulate to provide supporting to perform cutting and dissection more efficiency.
•2 in 1 designed to accommodate physician technique preference, and more efficient & économie.
L knife
•Hemostasis – Minor bleeding hemostasis is possible.
•Rotatable Tip – The knife tip rotâtes at a 1:1 ratio with the Handle.
•Applicable Lésion – L type knife can be used for both Upper and lower Gl.

Disposable Electrosurgical Knife (ESD electrotome) is composed of the inset portion part and the handle part.The inset portion part includes a cutter body, an insulating head (O type with insulating head, L type without insulating head), a traction wire and a outer sheath; The handle part includes sheath sleeve, locking sleeve, rotating sleeve, electrode screw,electrode connector, ring and handle. Type O cutter head with insulating head, which looks like the letter O from the top ; The L cutter head looks like the letter L that is written backwards.It is made of stainless steel 304, ABS plastics, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEF). The inner packing of this product is TYVEK1073B paper plastic bag. EO sterilization,outsourcing.The specifications are EK18-O24/2300W, EK18-L24/1800, EK18-L24/2300, EK18-I24/1800W, EK18-I24/2300W, EK18-T24/1800W, EK18-T24/2300W.

Company Name: Beijing Zksk Technology

Model: EK18 series

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